Below are some of the topics available for keynote speeches:

"It wasn't alright on the night"

Tales of gaffes, slip ups and brain fades my colleagues and I experienced in television and on radio - with and without custard pies!

"A year in the life of a High Sheriff"

So what's it like to be the Queen's representative for all things to do with law and order in the county? And that means the judges, the courts, the police, the lawyers, the prisons and the probation service. The stories I could tell.

Prostate Cancer

A humour-tinged account of a battle I wasn't expecting but took and and have won - so far.

"I'm not over the hill, I'm still climbing it"

My personal account of what I have been doing to encourage society to re-think its perceptions of people aged 50 and over. As Woody Allen said when he reached the age of 60, 'Wow, nearly a third of my life is over!' An exhortation to take the ageing demographic seriously with humour!